Peter Reo

Peter Reo

Class of 2017

Choosing to go back to school to further your education is a major life decision. Add to that selecting a program that will assist you in achieving your professional goals and many prospective students find themselves lost in a sea of choices. My situation was no different; I was unsure whether to go back full time or part time; whether to attend a world-renowned program or one close where I lived in Indianapolis. Attending the Weekend MBA program allowed me the flexibility to continue my career in the Pharmaceutical Industry while also attending a world-renowned MBA program. The Ross School of Business sets themselves apart with their incredible staff, world-class faculty, abundant resources and the diverse and talented student body. The rigorous program provided an education that I immediately utilized on those following Mondays at work, leading to a request from my prior Fortune 100 company's CEO to run a project with board level impact. These experiences greatly enhanced my resume and allowed me to explore new companies and roles. Since my final semester in 2016, I landed a promotion at a biotech company helping them scale and mature there business. Since hiring in the summer of 2016, I already have been promoted which I credit to the Ross MBA. Selecting an MBA program can be challenging, but once I discovered the Ross Weekend MBA Program the choice was easy. I am happy to say I found the best of all possible choices at Ross and proud to say I'm a Ross Alumni. GO BLUE!

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University of Michigan

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