Patrick Haller

Patrick Haller

Class of 2022

"When I finished my engineering degree and started my career, I fell squarely into the group of people who think that marketing is synonymous with advertising. Through my work in product development, I had the opportunity to work on projects that included customer research, segmentation, and the development of a product line strategy. This exposure helped me realize that marketing is much more than advertising, and it also happens to be my true passion - customer facing, big picture, fast moving, strategic, and so much more. 

Luckily, I was able to pivot to a role in marketing within my company, with a ton of support and training along the way. My experience only reinforced my passion for marketing, so much so that I came to Ross to further fulfill and develop my ambition to grow as a marketer. The chance to receive a world-class business education with a cohort of driven, intelligent, and diverse peers has proven to be everything I hoped for, and more. I am constantly learning, challenged, growing, connecting, and having fun whether it is in class, team meetings, socializing, or even studying on my own. I am excited to share my experience with other perspective students, so please reach out! 

Undergraduate Education

Purdue University

Graduate Education

University of Southern California

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Student ambassador
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PhD Chemical Engineering