Myles Barkoff

Myles Barkoff

Class of 2023

After attending the University of Michigan for an undergraduate degree, I ended up in New York and began my professional career at Lord & Taylor. I wanted to mix my love of clothes with my business acumen, and Lord & Taylor allowed me to do just that. After spending two years with the company, I left to work at a Startup called Brand Networks because I wanted to see how a company develops and expands. I was able to work with fortune 500 companies and help them cultivate advertising campaigns on social mediums. However, I was (and still am) a big fan of a corporate environment, and I pivoted my way into Citi by combining my capital market knowledge with my sales experience. My father worked at a bank for +25 years, and my mother worked in sales for a consulting firm, so the transition into finance was logical for me. After four years with Citi, I knew that I wanted to return to Michigan to gain the technical skills I would need to pivot into investment banking. While at Citi, I was able to work with clients who made strategic acquisitions and clients who were taking companies public. I thought the deals were fascinating, and I now want to work on the inner workings and procure valuations.

Undergraduate Education

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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Student ambassador
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Finance-Asset Management