Molly Barstow

Molly Barstow

Class of 2023

Prior to coming to the University of Michigan, my career and academic experience centered around human migration––understanding why people migrate, how, and what the cultural and socioeconomic implications are for migrants and the communities that they join. After graduating from undergrad, I received a Fulbright scholarship to study migrants migrating to and through Morocco. I then completed a Master's in Migration & Diaspora Studies in London and later worked for a non-profit in Boston that assists permanent residents apply for citizenship. After spending several years in this space, I realized I was spending more and more time thinking about climate change and the human-caused destruction of our planet and its resources. After several years of contemplation, I decided that attending business school would give me the quantitative and leadership tools that I would need to help me address these issues head-on. I also felt strongly that pursuing a Master's in Environment and Sustainability would arm me with the knowledge that I would need in my career switch. This combination made Ross the obvious choice for my goals. I found the Ross culture to be one where people cared about their impact on the world, and the dual degree program (called Erb) was unparalleled. I also decided to join the Tauber Institute for Global Operations in order to prepare myself for a career in sustainable supply chain. I am hugely grateful for all of the opportunities being a part of these communities has afforded me so far and will continue to afford me in the future. As a Ross Ambassador, I hope to pay forward the insight and guidance that Ross students gave me as I was navigating the application process.

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Northwestern University

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