Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner

Class of 2021

I chose the Ross Weekend MBA program because I already experienced first hand, “the Michigan difference” as an undergrad. I know that a Michigan education extends beyond its world class professors and curriculum, and helps you grow as both a student and a person.

However, the weekend MBA program specifically allows students access to a top 10 program while they continue to work full time. I now have 5 years experience in commercial distribution finance, both as a Field Representative, and now Team Lead for Wells Fargo Commercial Capital. My current responsibilities include managing key accounts and resource logistics across the Western United States. Additionally, I perform trend analysis, forecasting, and back-end analytics, mitigating risk in commercial loans across the country as a whole. In my free time, I enjoy playing jazz piano, developing my chess game, and playing recreational soccer. Chasing a love of diverse culture and language, my dream is to set foot on each of the 7 continents at least once in my life. So far I have checked off North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. 我会说一点中文但是不太好了。



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