Michael W. O'Gorman Jr.

Michael W. O'Gorman Jr.

Class of 2023

I am passionate about public education and using it to lift low-income students and families from poverty. My training and career in education and public service were not just recognized at Ross but celebrated as an asset. The admissions team, faculty, and current students with whom I spoke were all able to help me see how my experiences were needed in the MBA program. Moreover, they helped me understand how the MBA could transform me into an effective leader for both business and society. Ross has the curriculum, the connections, and without a doubt, the community to help you amplify your impact and exceed your goals. On a personal note, I also chose Ross for the Consortium and LGBT+ communities. The students in Consortium at Ross and Out For Business were beyond supportive at every step of the process. Whether it was assuaging my quantitative fears or helping me find my voice in essays, they were on the sidelines coaching and cheering me on, they're still doing it now as my peers.

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Moravian College

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