Mark Douple

Mark Douple

Class of 2020

My life has taken an interesting path to Ross. I went to undergrad with absolutely no idea on what I wanted to do as an adult. Cut to senior year, I was stuck with a double major I wasn't interested in and a contract signed to join Peace Corps Cambodia as an education volunteer. Two years later, I knew I wanted a career in marketing but had no experience (and also no money!). So after a stint working construction, I found my way back to Chicago in a marketing role at a financial services/data analytics firm. While I was learning a lot, the passion wasn't there. I realized what I really wanted to be was in front of me my entire life; a career working in consumer packaged goods/retail. I would not have been able to intern with a CPG firm over the summer if it wasn't for Ross. The support that I received from classmates, career coaches, clubs, and alums has been more than I ever could have asked for and I'm excited for what's to come.

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De Paul University

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