Maria Sinagra

Maria Sinagra

Class of 2023

I developed a passion for product management and emerging technology through my past job as a Tech Consultant. I've led teams to implement software design enhancements and launch robotic solutions. I was also the Operations Lead for Deloitte's Hispanic Network, organizing numerous DEI-centered events to support personal and professional development for Hispanic employees. While seeing the impact of equity initiatives and technology can have on organizations, I realized that I wanted to merge my two passions of emerging technology and DEI to build inclusive products that help people and businesses reach their full potential. Ross was the only school that I could pursue all of my interests, obtain DEI leadership training, accelerate my career, take innovation research roles and equip me with the tools for positive change. I met more aspiring product managers at Ross than any other school and hearing about their MAP, courses and club experience made my decision to come to Ross an easy one. The Ross community is authentic, enthusiastic, diverse, supportive, a social community that embraces inclusion and empathy. The opportunities are truly endless at Ross within the academic curriculum, greater Umich ecosystem and initiatives. Feel free to reach out to talk anything career, CGSM, Business+Tech and Ross MBA!

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George Washington University

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