Maria Camila Baquero

Maria Camila Baquero

Class of 2020

I am originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. I studied business administration and worked in strategic planning for five years in LATAM Airlines, the biggest airline in Latin America. During my summer internship I worked with Cisco, in the Bay Area, in the Corporate Strategy Group. I am a soccer enthusiast and a passionate fiction reader. I studied business because I love how managers can impact organizations and drive change. That's why I also decided to pursue an MBA degree: to improve my leadership skills and to increase my knowledge of strategic planning and implementation. The classroom experience, the opportunity of solving real problems during MAP, the number of ways to get involved with remarkable initiatives, and the wonderful community, make Ross MBA an amazing program.

Undergraduate Education

Universidad de Los Andes

Areas of Interest

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Undergraduate Major
Business Administration
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Strategic Planning
Transportation/Logistics Services