Manas Kulkarni

Manas Kulkarni

Class of 2020

I am a commerce undergrad and a Chartered Accountant (Equivalent to CPA in the US) from Mumbai, India and have worked in consulting before coming to Ross. I got exposed to process reviews and internal audits during my Chartered Accountancy course and that got me very interested in operations consulting as a practice. Post my undergrad education, I started working with KPMG in their service operations practice which consulted on performance improvements with financial service clients. Over the next 3 years, I worked on multiple projects, some short and intense and some large-scale transformations, getting exposed to multiple aspects of operations, from designing operating models, developing banking processes to cost optimizations. Having learned about companies from the ground up working in operations, I chose Ross, because of their strong action-based learning programs such as multi-disciplinary action projects (MAP) and living business leadership experience (LBLE). I was also very interested in learning about new technologies and their applications, where the Tech club, Michigan FinTech, and the ZLI initiatives caught my eye. So far, the journey has been amazing.I am experiencing the collaborative and supportive culture of Ross in person. There is much to do in one day, and always more to achieve if you want to. The number of opportunities to learn about new fields of study, new career tracks and meet new interesting, diverse people are tremendous and I don't think I would ever fall short of such occasions over my two years here.

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