Malene Lane

Malene Lane

Class of 2017

After graduating from the University of Florida I started working at Ford Motor Company where I have had many amazing opportunities as a part of a Marketing talent development program.  During my eight year long career with Ford I have held roles in Advertising, Brand Management, Product Marketing, Sales Operations, and Business Development which cultivated within me a deep passion for Marketing.  However, I knew that in order to contribute at an even higher level and to enhance my analytical and financial background I would need to pursue an MBA.  In deciding which B-school to attend I compared several programs, but the Ross School came away as the clear winner for several reasons.  To name a few, Ross' focus on a team based learning environment assured me that I would have the chance to collaborate with a diverse group of forward thinkers that would sharpen and challenge my own ideas and ways of thinking.  I appreciated that I could obtain a world-class education while still furthering my career thanks to the Weekend MBA schedule.  Lastly, I was impressed with the many initiatives led by the Center for Social Impact at the University that proved how a Business degree could be used to enhance lives and make a genuine difference in the world.  
Today I am constantly amazed by the dedication of the faculty and teaching staff to provide a rewarding experience as well as by the motivation of my peers to achieve success through working together. Being at Ross is truly a unique experience!

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