Liz Krane

Liz Krane

Class of 2023

I'm proud to say that prior to Ross I lived my dream of working on Broadway. For ten years, I took on roles across the spectrum, managing everything from productions' finances to their opening night parties. I love theater and the impact it can have on society, but I've been increasingly drawn to a career where I can have a more direct impact. Now, I'm thrilled to be pivoting to tech, where I see the future for creating scalable equitable resources in areas I'm passionate about, such as healthcare and education. This brought me to Ross, where the community, the curriculum, MAP and action-based learning, and the Sanger Center will not only accelerate my pivot but also strengthen my analytical skills, expand my knowledge of business operations and strategy, and refine my leadership skills. Talk to me about all things Broadway and NYC, changing careers, being LGBTQ+ at Ross, my cat Samantha and your pet [insert name here], international snacks, Peloton (#BooCrew), and the MCU.

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Harvard University

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