Lisa Han

Lisa Han

Class of 2022

The West Coast is The Best Coast. Here in Ann Arbor, you'll find me repping LA pretty hard. After living in SoCal my entire life, I moved to Ann Arbor with my dog (an Australian Cattle Dog named Willow) in pursuit of my dreams. It was a scary time and I actually ALMOST went to a different school that allowed me to stay on the Best Coast. I was presented with a tough decision as a significant amount of money was involved. I knew that I wanted to recruit for consulting but on the same note I wanted/needed to be somewhere that could support my entrepreneurial ventures. While I believe entrepreneurship is a spirit, there are structured resources that can help you hone in on those skills. On top of that, I was trying to figure out how COVID-19 would impact my experience. For many years I knew I wanted to pursue my MBA. It is an interesting time to do so and I am constantly learning how to navigate in this new world we live in.

Undergraduate Education

University of California Los Angeles

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Student ambassador
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Real Estate
Marketing-Research/Consumer Insights