Class of 2023

Minor: Digital Media Studies Minor

Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI

Hey guys! My name is Lindsey, and I'm happy you are considering the Ross School of Business. I'm currently a sophomore currently exploring different career interests, but right now I'm leaning towards Consulting. I was introduced to Ross at the beginning of my senior year of high school after joining DECA. My former peers who went to Ross had nothing but good things to say, and hearing their perspectives really drew me towards applying and eventually making the final decision to come. The Ross Summer Connection Program that I was involved in Summer 2019 also helped me adjust to the Ross culture and learn more about the University of Michigan as a whole. I have met some of my best friends here and have really gotten a chance to talk to both students and faculty while exploring my many passions. There are an abundance of opportunities! Outside of class, I'm involved in Ross ASC, WolvTV, and Wolverine Consulting Group.. I also am a new fan of anime and long time fan of crime TV. I love eating out (especially at Frita's), and I love walking around campus when it's nice out! I'm glad to have chosen Ross, and hope that my perspectives and experiences can help guide other students in their journey!

Favorite Starbucks Drink - Venti Pink Drink with Light Ice Spotify playlist I'm most likely to be listening to - Confidence Boost!

Current Campus Involvement: Wolverine Consulting Group, WolvTV

Past Involvement: Ross Summer Connection-Participant, Support for Incoming Black Students (S.I.B.S), Black Business Undergraduate Society (BBUS), Baits Diversity Dorm Committee, FinTech Trek Experience (Chicago), BBA DEI Committee, Entertainment and Digital Media Club, CurlTalk