Lindsey Kerr

Lindsey Kerr

Class of 2022

I'm kind of a special case - I had 3.5 years of work experience upon entering the program and knew this 10 month "business crash course" was perfect for me. I had worked in corporate events and communications, and because my future goal/natural next step was to have direct reports, I wanted to master some formal business skills and understandings to enhance my abilities as an employee. Ross was the right fit because of this program's specific offerings, and having went to undergrad here, I knew the extent of the network and resources that Ross had. After working for awhile, I knew how all of these classes could really be beneficial in a working environment, so one of my favorite things about the program is the broad spectrum of material we cover - from operations management to personal development. My other favorite thing is being able to curate the electives, which can be tricky only being here for one year, but I was able to take classes that helped build tangible experiences and emphasize what I'm passionate about on a resume. I'd be remise if I didn't mention the CDO, specifically Josh, as a huge asset of the program, and then finally the people in my cohort! I was lucky enough to join the MMSA and it has been incredible to build such an awesome community over a short period of time. I have met with Josh several times over the year. Having worked before the program, I am not looking for an entry level job, it is much more "in the moment hiring", and Josh has done an amazing job curating his advice. I can imagine he has done the same for other student's unique situations, and he is always willing to do anything he can to calm students down when the recruiting anxiety sets in.


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