Laurie McNamara

Laurie McNamara

Class of 2020

After completing my undergrad degree in Sport Management at Rice University in Houston, I made my way to Dallas where I began working for a company called AdvoCare. AdvoCare is a health and wellness company which offers energy, weight management and sports performance products through the direct sales model. As the Senior Marketing Manager, Social Content Strategy & Engagement, I lead the growth and evolution of content and social marketing for AdvoCare. I oversee the curation and amplification of our brand’s online voice to drive engagement, interaction and reach across social platforms. Prior to this role, I spent five years leading our company’s product marketing strategy including new product development, product lifestyle management and promotional strategy.

I knew that I wanted to get my MBA, but I struggled with the idea of giving up my job in order to get one. The WMBA program at Ross is the perfect solution: I still get to maintain my current role with my company, but I'm also able to learn and gain valuable experience from a top level MBA program. I love getting to go through the two years together with a cohort - as soon as I did an in-class visit I could feel the sense of community and see the action-based learning that make Ross unlike anywhere else.


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Rice University

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