Lauren Command

Lauren Command

Class of 2021

Lauren Command is a Senior Account Manager at Amnet Group, Detroit’s leading programmatic advertising agency. She manages a team responsible for campaign planning and strategy execution on behalf of General Motor’s largest brand, Chevrolet. Specializing in programmatic, she works with the largest data mining companies, such as Google and Oracle, to deliver best-in-class, audience-targeted solutions for Chevrolet’s National In-Market and Retail digital media.

Lauren’s background is a degree in Marketing with a specialization in International Business from Michigan State University. In her time at Michigan State, she was elected President of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and graduated as a member of the Honors College. After completion of an internship and graduation, she took a role as the Operations Manager of a Frito Lay distribution center where she led a team of 30 union employees that fulfilled 100+ sales routes in the Metro Detroit Area. Also, at Frito Lay, Lauren was trained and certified in Kaizen Lean Six Sigma.

Marketing and advertising have always been Lauren’s passion and the reason for her career transition to Amnet Group. Going forward, she plans on continuing to grow her business knowledge and develop her skill set through the University of Michigan’s weekend MBA program. Drawing on her background and MBA accompaniments, she’s able to connect operational efficiencies and consumer trends to deliver strategic recommendations in the ever- changing marketplace.


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