Laura Malecky

Laura Malecky

Class of 2020

Prior to Ross, I spent several years living and working in New York City. I came to Ross as a nontraditional student, having focused on the study of women and gender as an undergraduate at Smith College. A passion for caregiving led me to a healthcare start-up, where the work quickly revealed my deep interest in operations. I fell in love with growing and building a business. I transitioned to a financial services non-profit where I led business development efforts for the organization's SaaS platform and consulting contracts. I decided to return to school to gain a solid foundation in business principles and transition back to the for-profit sector. I am involved in the Tauber Institute for Global Operations and have a penchant for strategy and consulting. I chose Ross because the community is one of a kind. From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I felt instantly comfortable. My subsequent experiences confirmed this initial foray was not an outlier. From the admissions team to the dozen Rossers I spoke with as I made the decision to attend, each one was affirming, kind, humble, and smart. Ross demonstrates that there is no one way to do or be in business. I am buoyed by the generosity I see in this community and I am encouraged by the strengths and pursuits of my classmates.

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Smith College

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Student ambassador
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Women's & Gender Studies
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