Kelsey Tremberth

Kelsey Tremberth

Class of 2019

I don't think growing up anyone has ever said "I want to work for a utility company!" However, once I took a class in Energy Economics at the University of Michigan during undergrad, I knew that the energy industry was where I was headed. I have spent my career thus far working in several different roles in several different departments for DTE Energy - Energy Efficiency, Purchasing, Warehousing, Revenue Management and Protection, and Electric Distribution Operations – and currently I am leading a team which designs the strategy for our voluntary renewable energy program, MIGreenPower. To be a true asset to any company I knew I would need to have an MBA, and to me Ross was not "a" choice, but "the" choice. The action-based learning curriculum, world-class faculty, and diverse group of students and alumni were impossible to turn down. The weekend MBA program fits well with the schedule of those who do not want to pause their career and allows for the ability to apply the concepts we are learning right away.

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