Kelly Dorfman

Kelly Dorfman

After completing my undergraduate degree in business marketing, I moved to San Francisco to start my career. My initial post-undergrad work experience was in digital marketing and market research/advertising effectiveness. I have since moved to Chicago and transitioned to technology consulting as a business consultant/project manager/business analyst. Working for a small consulting firm, I have to maintain flexibility to wear whichever hat is needed, but in my current role, I am most invigorated by end-user change management, making complex technology changes appear simple and approachable to those impacted.
When I decided I was going to pursue my MBA, I was seeking an accelerated part-time program that allowed me to balance the demands of my personal life and career, while offering many aspects more typically found in full-time programs - the cohort-style where you can really nurture the relationships and learn from a talented and diverse community, the action-based learning, and the exceptional faculty. After all my research and conversations with Ross staff and alumni, it became abundantly clear that the Ross WMBA program was an ideal fit for me, despite the fact that I had never stepped foot in Michigan prior to my interview. The flexibility of the WMBA also allowed me to continue working and living in Chicago but still managed to spend a lot of time with our cohort and build long-lasting friendships!
Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to chat about the WMBA program specially, pursuing your MBA in general, or any other questions you may have! GO BLUE!

Undergraduate Education

California State University, Chico

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Undergraduate Major
B.S. Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing
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Consulting (Technology-focused)