Keji Gbadebo

Keji Gbadebo

Class of 2024

I am an individual of many interests. I immigrated to the United States from Nigeria as a teenager. My hobbies include: Living an active lifestyle, riding motorcycles, playing with my dogs & traveling.

Before joining Ross, I spent four years working in the Manufacturing/Tech sector, focused on operations as a civilian while also serving in the Army part-time. I have enjoyed my time and am grateful for the dual experience of the opposite spectrum, but I knew that I would eventually have to make the next step which was to pursue an MBA. I wanted an MBA to fine-tune the skills needed to pivot into Tech, but I never felt ready. I want to tell anyone reading this now that you are prepared. Self-doubt will only delay, but you must ignore it and take that first (hardest) step. If I can do it then, so can you. The results of taking that first step led me to Ross.

For me, nothing compares to Ross. I felt right at home even before stepping on campus. The limitless career opportunities, hands-on learning, and supportive community made it a no-brainer. I am glad to be here and am open to answering questions or sharing my experience at Ross. Feel free to reach out, and good luck.

Undergraduate Education

Pennsylvania State University

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Student ambassador
Undergraduate Major
Supply Chain Management
Business Information Systems
Prior Industry
Operations/Supply Chain Management