Kathleen Aalderink

Kathleen Aalderink

Class of 2021

From early in my career as an Air Force Intelligence Officer I knew that I wanted to get my MBA from Ross. I shaped the last two years of my 10-year Air Force career in order to make that dream a reality. Over the past year, I taught ROTC full-time, and attended day and evening classes at Ross. I love that I can take classes when it best fits my schedule and interests—part of the reason why I chose the part time program. Starting Summer 2019, I will be separating from the military, and taking full-time day and evening classes as well as recruiting for a coveted summer internship. This will hopefully set me up well to graduate in 2021 with a full-time job offer. As a career switcher with an unclear path of exactly what I want to do next, Ross has set me up with a plethora of opportunities to find my niche within the corporate business world. I love my fellow Rossers, both evening and day students have welcomed me, inspired me and helped me through my studies and career transition. I love being a part of the Ross community!


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Michigan State University

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International Relations and Muslim Studies
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