Kat Ward

Kat Ward

I've been an actor for the majority of my life but I always had a strong interest in business. I was pleasantly surprised that Ross offered a program for students who had a strong interest in business but not much experience in it. I was amazed that within the first term, all students would take foundational classes such as marketing, accounting, finance and business communication. I felt that many of my skills from my theatre background was transferable to the business industry but the program gave me the opportunity to learn the language and create a new foundation.

My favorite thing about the program so far would have to be my marketing professors. All the marketing classes offered in the program have such a different take on the industry which gives each student a large perspective on how to approach clients and products.

Starting from day one as your time as a student, the career development office is there to support you. Josh Milligan, associate director of CDO, is immediately providing alumni panels, resume masterclasses and offering one on one meetings to specify what you need in the coming ten months of the program.

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