Jun Heo

Jun Heo

Class of 2024

After graduating from Syracuse with Mechanical Engineering, I worked in the automotive manufacturing to gain an insight on manufacturing settings as a project engineer. Over the course, I've developed a skill to oversee the entire operations, pinpoint the bottleneck, and make necessary improvements. From there, I wanted to make an impact beyond just the automotive and shifted towards consumer packaging & goods (CPG) as a Technical Operations Manager in Atlanta.

Even though I made an impact, I knew I lacked a knowledge in business that prevented me from advancing in my career. That's when I decided to pursue MBA degree at the top school. As I am gaining much business knowledge, my focus is to shift towards strategic consulting post-MBA where I will be exposed to variety of industry as well as helping the clients solve complex problems.

I am one of the weekend commuters flying in for classes during the residencies. Although it's challenging at times, I love every moment in school. I always regret why I haven't pursued this amazing experience earlier. I've been in your shoes and had tons of questions while deciding to make this investment. Feel free to reach out to me about anything related to the program, commuting in, or the recruiting experiences as a part time MBA. Go Blue!

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Syracuse University

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