Joshua Troger

Joshua Troger

Class of 2021

I have always been obsessed with solving puzzles, which likely explains most of what I do. I play blitz chess (3 min limit) for fun, perhaps too often as I have played 5,500 games over the past 5 years. I play the NY Times crossword with my wife (she is significantly better at them than I am). She solves the Sundays regularly, while I'm barely able to complete the Wednesdays. I built a website called to help videogamers become better at EA Sports NHL, which grew to over 10 million unique visitors annually (mostly Canadians). I learned how to fly planes when I was living in Cleveland and completed my 1st solo flight after less than 10 hours in the cockpit (ask me about my crash landing). I love to rock climb and try to go as often as I can (my wife is the general manager of Ascend, the premier rock climbing gym in Pittsburgh). Finally, I volunteer as a dog walker at numerous animal shelters including the Humane Society of Huron Valley (located in Ann Arbor), Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (where they literally fly animals away from natural disasters), and the Cleveland Animal Protective League, where I adopted my dog Loki (I'll be insulted if you don't ask for pictures!). Please contact me about anything; I love to meet prospective students and tell them all about life at Ross in the lovely city of Ann Arbor!

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University of Pittsburgh

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