Joshua Nichols

Joshua Nichols

After 5 years at Michigan finishing both undergrad and graduate school, it was time to fly the coop of Ann Arbor. Thankfully, I landed happily at United Airlines in my role as an Onboard Product Development Specialist. My team manages the numerous line fit and retrofit programs of the various aircraft projects at United Airlines. We work with suppliers for, as we like to say it, "everything that is nailed to the interior of the aircraft" from seats to lavatories, carpeting to lighting. We manage the relationships between United and the vendor, make selections that align with our brand proposition, customer preferences, and industry trends. I live in Chicago but my role takes me all over the nation and the world for meetings with our suppliers. I've been to Germany, Wales, France, California, England, and many other places in my role. I've also taken my fair share of WFH vacations. The best part about working for an airline- the free flights. Whenever and wherever you want.

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University of Michigan

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International Relations and Spanish