Jordan Shamir

Jordan Shamir

Class of 2023

Before attending Ross, I spent five years working as a Senior Product Manager at IBM. I always wanted to pursue an MBA, as I wanted to grow my network and enhance my managerial and strategic thinking. One of the challenges I made to myself while applying to school was to take advantage of my opportunity by creating a startup. I was strategically looking for a school that would progress my career, fulfill my social appetite, and support my entrepreneurial endeavors. Speaking with alumni and student ambassadors, who talked about their experience with action-based learning, MAP, and The Bus, Ross became my top choice. The enthusiasm that Rossers talked about Ross was infectious for me, as I was looking for a school that I could be an alumnus and not just someone who attended. Proudly through my first couple weeks on campus, somehow Ross has exceeded all my expectations, and I have loved my time here. I highly encourage any applicants to reach out, as I am happy to discuss my decision criteria for choosing Ross, Tech and Entrepreneurship at Ross, and the social aspect of Ross. I am always happy to be a resource - Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

Babson College

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Student ambassador
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Business Administration
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Finance-Investment Banking