Jordan Hartgens

Jordan Hartgens

Class of 2021

As a former teacher and college advisor, I come from an impact background, and I wanted to ensure that my post-Ross career would allow me to stay close to the issues that I care about. I wasn't even aware of human capital as a field until my visit to Ross so I will forever credit Ross for opening my eyes to a professional field that I will now pursue as a career! Within human capital, people and impact are at the center of the work, and I find energizing and exciting. I feel this field of work will give me the ability to continue to do impactful work that matters. I'm so excited to hone my skills as a human capital professional in this special place. Outside of professional pursuits, Ross is already a place where I feel supported in stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm speaking up in class, stepping up into leadership positions, and identifying stretch opportunities. I'm excited to see where the next two years take me!

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University of Georgia

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International Affairs
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