John Daniels

John Daniels

Class of 2021

Before Ross, I consulted for a private equity firm's portfolio of enterprise software companies and saw the incredible potential that technology has to shape industries and the future as a whole. I went to business school knowing that I wanted to transition from a consulting to an operating role within the technology industry, but was unsure which exact vertical and function I wanted to commit to. I also wanted to improve my leadership and communication abilities, and, as a government major in college, had some hard skill gaps I wanted to fill. Ross was the best fit for me because of the myriad experiences offered beyond the classroom. I knew I'd have the opportunity to not only have two internships (summer internship, MAP), but also to work for companies as part of classes and extracurriculars. I was impressed with Ross Admissions during the application process and was enthusiastically welcomed by Rossers on and off campus when researching the school. Feel free to reach out to me if you are contemplating a career switch from consulting, if you are applying with a partner (my wife is also a Ross MBA), or with anything else!

Undergraduate Education

Dartmouth College

Areas of Interest

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Undergraduate Major
Political Science
Prior Industry
Finance-Private Equity/Venture Capital