Joel Kamstra

Joel Kamstra

Class of 2020

An MBA was something I had considered since becoming interested in business towards the end of my undergraduate education but the timing was never ideal. I graduated from Calvin University, where I majored in Political Science and was the captain of the lacrosse team. Upon graduation, I jumped right into a career in commercial real estate investment and was able to grow personally and professionally at a rapid pace. I also maintained my passion for lacrosse and became the head coach at Calvin University for a few years.
I was part of starting Cherry Street Capital, a boutique private equity real estate company. Though immersed in my career and having started a family, an MBA remained in the back of my mind. I wanted to keep going in my career, stay connected in my local community, and not take the two years off necessary to complete a top-tier program. I became aware of the Weekend MBA program at Ross which would not only allow me to continue to pursue my career but also allow me to maintain some semblance of stability for my family as I could commute for the program and still earn a highly ranked degree. During the program I started a new investment partnership called Frisia Group, focused on investments in real estate and operating companies. 
As I relate with the administration, alumni, and current students I am continuously struck by the commitment to excellence and strong sense of community. The community at Ross has been remarkable and the relationships forged in the program I will carry forward with me far into the future. 

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Calvin College

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