Jessie Hui-Chieh Chen

Jessie Hui-Chieh Chen

Class of 2024

Prior to Ross, I lived in the Netherlands for 6 years. I worked as a global marketer at Philips HQ in Amsterdam to help drive digital transformation, build global blueprints, and align roadmaps with regional markets. Through this experience, I found myself thriving at the intersection of analytical & design thinking and enjoying the most working in a cross-functional team setup. Managing stakeholders at all levels has also prompted me to experiment and develop my skillset revolving a key question: how to manage diverse team and spur innovation effectively. I seek an MBA at Ross as a playground to practice leadership and communication skills structurally while continuing excelling at the junction of analytical and creative skills.

Outside work, I love design & aesthetic work, coffee hopping, dancing, solo traveling, and writing - I have been in a writing association (NGO) in Taiwan for 10 years. Feel free to reach out and chat about your passion or any of the above interest area!

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National Taiwan University

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Marketing-Brand/Product Management