Jessica McClain

Jessica McClain

Class of 2020

I'm originally from the metro-Detroit area but spent the last five years in Minneapolis, working in the apparel and retail industries.My work focused on projects related to merchandise planning and supply chain optimization.I've always been passionate about organizational design and thinking about how to create organizational structures that can adapt to business challenges over time. I'm also interested in effective talent planning and designing high-performing teams.I returned to Ross to expand my core business knowledge, to learn about positive organizational scholarship and to learn to think strategically about larger picture problems.I chose to return to my undergraduate alma mater because I found the Ross network to be filled with driven, humble and inspiring people who would support and challenge me throughout my MBA journey. This summer, I interned at BCG and will be returning full time to the Chicago office.

Undergraduate Education

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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Organizational Behavior
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Strategic Planning