Jennifer Weber Krane

Jennifer Weber Krane

Class of 2021

Working my way up the ladder in media planning at top global agencies in Chicago challenged both my analytical and creative skills, but through conversations with my clients, I realized that I wanted their job! In order to make the switch to brand/product management, I knew that I needed to go back to school to hone my quantitative skills and broaden my business expertise. I researched schools that had excellent marketing programs, strong employer relationships, and a large, engaged alumni network....and Ross was exactly what I was looking for. As a Michigan undergrad from the Stamps School of Art & Design, I'm now proudly a double Wolverine. Highlights of my MBA experience thus far are: Section 4 winning the MBA Games, pre-BUS potlucks and taking lunchtime walks around campus. I also have a partner who moved to Ann Arbor and is working remotely. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about Ross!

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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