Jeffrey Church

Jeffrey Church

Class of 2021

Following my undergraduate years at Bucknell, I spent seven years at a single firm in both external audit and consulting roles for financial services companies in New York City and San Francisco. Across the range of geographies and project types I experienced, I enjoyed client service the most - understanding a current or potential client's need, then tailoring our services to that need. I decided my passion for people and understanding their motivations, ambitions and backgrounds would drive the rest of my career. Interested in marketing opportunities, I knew an MBA would help me understand the function as a whole, how it differs by industry, and how best to make the transition from public accounting. I knew Ross was the right place after sensing the team-oriented mindset of current and past students, hearing about its great reputation for marketing, and knowing its location back home in the Midwest (not to mention family ties). Ross attracts ambitious, generous, and resourceful students that are continually motivated to help each other leave their mark, whether that be at a social event, through a club or at a company presentation - making my business school decision an easy one.

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