Jason Feldman

Jason Feldman

Class of 2022

After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, I spent the next few years working in operations for a diverse set of businesses: an industrial supply distributor in south New Jersey, a logistics tech start-up in NYC, and most recently a scaling meal delivery app in west Louisiana which acquired the start-up. Through it all, I've gravitated towards more high-level strategic projects. I came to Ross to transition into a career with a more high-level strategic impact. When the start-up I worked for was acquired, I became able to work from anywhere. Around that time, my partner Chloe was admitted to the Michigan Law School. The decision was easy: we moved to Ann Arbor in August 2019, right as I was in the middle of business school applications. I discovered how advantageous it was to be in Ann Arbor for a graduate program as compared to a larger city. With an entire cohort colocated within the same town, I observed Ann Arbor to be a better landscape to forge deep connections with classmates. Chloe and I recently rescued a one-year-old beagle-mix from the Michigan Humane Society named Frankie. Since she sits in on all of our Zoom classes, Frankie will be graduating with a JD/MBA in 2022.

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Washington University in St. Louis

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