Jacqueline Trager

Jacqueline Trager

Class of 2022

Prior to Ross I worked in consulting, a startup and in project management at a food company. My broad experience has accumulated with my passion for food sustainability to lead me on the path to Ross. Throughout my career I noticed that most change takes place when facilitated by technology so I headed back to school to pursue a tech PM role within the food space. As an avid hater of all things cold, Michigan is the last place I would have pictured myself for grad school. With that being said the welcoming community, opportunities and cross collaboration at Ross could not be beat. So I took the polar plunge and couldn't be happier living in Ann Arbor. Please reach out if you want to talk about food, tech pm, yoga or just want to chat. Good luck and Go Blue!!

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Lehigh University

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Student ambassador
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Supply Chain Management
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