Isabelle Shanafelt

Isabelle Shanafelt

Class of 2023

For the past seven years, my career and life decisions have been grounded in working towards educational equity, and my long-term goals lie at the intersection of business, technology and social impact. Prior to Ross, I worked in the education and non-profit space. I started my professional career as a 4th grade teacher and Teach For America (TFA) corps member in Charlotte, NC, then moved to Chicago to work for TFA. I first spent time on the Recruitment Team, then transitioned to a marketing role on the Strategic Initiatives Team, where I worked until coming to business school. Long-term, my aspiration is to leverage the resources of big tech to increase access to technology in low-income communities, specifically in schools. I applied to business school to build general business acumen, develop analytical and technical skills, and deepen my understanding of the tech industry, and plan to pivot into the tech sector post-MBA in Product Marketing. My fiancé and I moved from Chicago, and we've gotten involved in the partners community at Ross. If you're moving from a bigger city and/or have a partner moving with you, I'd love to chat more about our decision to come to Ross and how awesome our experience has been so far!

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