Hyunsun Park

Hyunsun Park

Class of 2020

After working with organizations to implement wide-scale system improvements, I realized the importance of including people strategy as part of business strategy - one cannot be achieved without the other.As a consultant, what I loved about my work was the relationships I built with others and the opportunity to work with them on their own areas of growth and lead them into their potential - clients and teammates alike.I embarked on my MBA journey to delve deeper into my passion: marrying the touchy/feely with the hard business skills to improve business and people outcomes. When it comes to raising up leaders, Ross walks the talk and has countless avenues to challenge students to think about how they can make an impact within, throughout, and outside of their organizations. Pursuing an MBA isn't easy, but the community makes it worth it.Talk to me about changing careers, the Ross experience, being a student and a spouse/partner, yoga, and zumba - among other things!

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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