Hugh O'Donnell

Hugh O'Donnell

Class of 2021

Prior to coming to Ross, I'd had a variety of roles in the public sector, first in international development, then in the federal government, and finally as the second in command of a social impact consulting firm. While I grew from each of these experiences, I found myself wanting to find new ways of achieving impact at scale. While I believe the public sector is critically important, I believe some of our most pressing challenges require the kinds of technological solutions that business can help deliver. So I came to Ross to get the tools I felt I'd need to be a part of those solutions. Ross's strong entrepreneurial, forward looking, and social impact oriented mindset was exactly what I needed to make this pivot. My wife and I moved to Ann Arbor from Portland, Oregon and brought with us our 3-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer and our passion for the outdoors.

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University of Colorado at Denver

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