Hridya Turlapati

Hridya Turlapati

Class of 2020

As someone who enjoyed solving puzzles ever since I was a child, computer science, or programming in general, appealed to me because it felt like all the tools were available to me, just waiting for me to put them together and solve whatever problem I selected. That's why I did my undergrad in computer science at UMass, Amherst. During my summer internship, I found what truly excited me was the design of the solution and gathering insights to solve a particular problem. So I pivoted into a systems analysis role to pursue this path. Over 4+ years, I worked at Fidelity Investments to solve various financial product related problems using tech, while wearing multiple hats: analyst, project manager, scrum master, product owner etc. While this was something I loved, I realized I didn't know much about what drove business decisions, what dictated which new products we built or what new markets we entered. This is what brought me to Ross. At Ross, I learned how to prioritize products competing for capital, create frameworks that help company strategy, and create effective measures to assess product market fit. I got to leverage my skills to do just that during my internship with the Google Assistant team this past summer.

I am happy to talk to prospective students about recruiting to tech, taking the leap on getting a full-time MBA or the culture at Ross in general.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst

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