Gregory Tallman

Gregory Tallman

Class of 2020

After graduating from Penn State University, I spent eight years in Philadelphia working in financial services. I was fortunate to work with companies across a wide range of industries and provide them with financing solutions to help grow their businesses. I came to Ross to focus on corporate strategy to better understand the complex problems these companies face beyond the scope of their finances.I spent my summer in an M&A Operations Consulting role in Chicago.

As I got to know the students, alumni, faculty, and staff, I knew Ross was the best place for me to pursue my graduate education and would provide all the tools required to make this transition. The Ross curriculum - the most hands on approach to business school education - and commitment to social impact also resonated with me. Outside of the classroom I enjoy giving back in the community, exploring Detroit and Ann Arbor food treasures, cooking and watching football with 110,000 of my closest friends. Feel free to reach out with any and all questions!

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Penn State University Park

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