Gautam Kandlikar

Gautam Kandlikar

Class of 2020

My life before Ross revolved around the intersection of healthcare and technology - specifically I helped large health systems figure out how they could best use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to drive their clinical, operational, and regulatory needs. I got my start at Epic, when I provided technical services to my customers by helping them understand and optimize a complex enterprise software system. Later on I worked with Deloitte Consulting, helping my clients determine how best to operationalize their strategy with technology. When I started thinking about how I would grow as a leader, I realized that I needed practical experiences in a variety of areas that would help me develop an intuition for business that could guide how I made decisions in a variety of settings. When I visited Ross for my MBA admissions interview, I knew instantly that this was the place where I could see myself grow as an individual and as a leader. I've enjoyed my time here and love to be a part of this community!

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University of Minnesota

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