Francine Braite

Francine Braite

Class of 2021

I've always been curious about social and economic issues from my country and the impact of government decisions on people's lives. This curiosity led me to an undergrad and master's in economics, and later, to a job at one of the largest banks in Latin America, where I could apply my economics background in large scale and improve my understanding of the business world. However, after working for some years in investment banking, I soon realized that retail banking was more aligned with my interests in having a direct impact on customers. So in the past years, I worked with projects related to increase customer satisfaction and to improve the productivity of thousands of employees.This opened my eyes to a great passion: helping people unlock their full potential. These experiences raised my interest in pursuing a people-driven career where I can create a direct impact on people's lives, and Ross was the perfect path to reach my goals. The school's fast-paced, hands-on, and collaborative culture has been amazing in supporting my pivot to a career in human resources.

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Universidade Estadual de Campinas

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