Emily Ross

Emily Ross

Class of 2023

Prior to Ross, I worked in Toronto as a business development manager at a boutique production company servicing the advertising and marketing industries. In my role, I enjoyed working with and developing our talented roster of photographers and directors, cultivating relationships, finding growth opportunities for the company and determining our strategic direction. On the side, to augment my personal and professional development and give back to the community, I provided communications consulting services for small businesses and nonprofits around the city. After three years of this work, I was extremely energized by my strategy and communications consulting work and wanted to do this work on a bigger scale and in a more impactful way. I knew that getting an MBA would allow me to pivot my career and gain the necessary skills I need to become a consultant. To me, Ross was the perfect fit to do just that and more. I look forward to answering any questions you may have about Ross or life in Ann Arbor. While I was applying, the many student ambassadors I spoke to were such supportive and fantastic resources, so I can't wait to pay it forward. Plus, I am always happy to talk about dogs or swap fantasy fiction recommendations!

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University of Western Ontario

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