Elizabeth McLaughlin

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Class of 2022

Prior to coming to Ross, I covered U.S. military and national security issues from the Pentagon as an ABC News reporter, writing nearly 750 stories for abcnews.com to include exclusive reporting and analysis. The role also took me to 18 countries across 4 continents, flying with secretaries of defense and state as one of a handful of journalists invited to travel with these senior leaders. While at the Pentagon, I developed a passion for the topics I was covering and considered a transition directly into the aerospace/defense or technology industries, but I knew the MBA would provide a holistic understanding of the business world, along with the technical skills and network I desired to optimize a career change. In Ann Arbor, you can find me discovering new running trails and exploring the downtown restaurant scene. I love water skiing and snow skiing, yoga, and Michigan football! Go Blue!

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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