Eliana Lozano

Eliana Lozano

Class of 2023

Before Michigan Ross, I spent four years as a Marketing Associate at JPMorgan Chase working on large-scale marketing initiatives and strategic transformations. Through a fellowship program with my local Urban League chapter, I realized that I was passionate about improving urban environments to benefit underserved communities. As I contemplated a career switch, I found myself excited about real estate development to help make cities more inclusive and equitable.

Currently, I serve as Co-President of Michigan Business Women, Investment Associate of the Michigan Ross Real Estate Fund, and completed an Open Access Fellowship at Hunt Capital Partners, an affordable housing syndicator based in LA. I'm also conducting an independent study focused on increasing visibility for Latina entrepreneurs with the vision of producing a registry to increase early-stage investments for U.S.-based Latina founders.

Undergraduate Education

University of South Florida

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Student ambassador
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Finance-Corporate Finance