Edward Flood

Edward Flood

Class of 2021

My name is Casey Flood and I am originally from Chicago. I am pursuing a career in investment banking post-MBA. Through the Finance Club, Ross sets students up for success by pairing 1st year MBAs with 2nd year MBAs who successfully navigated the recruiting process. I am a big outdoor enthusiast and love hiking and visiting national parks. Ross provides access to numerous non-professional clubs where students can pursue interests outside the classroom. I enjoy meeting new people and building connections with individuals with unique perspectives and experiences. That is part of why I chose to come to Ross. From the first time I arrived in Ann Arbor for my interview day, I immediately felt the inclusiveness and sense of community at Ross. For the most part, Ross MBAs are moving to a new city and looking to build new connections and friendships that will last well after the MBA program concludes.

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Indiana University Bloomington

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Business Economics
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