Dustin Huibregtse

Dustin Huibregtse

Class of 2021

Born and raised Minnesotan, learning to bear the winters with grit and hard work, I came to Ross after seven years in consulting where I worked to digitally transform healthcare. While I was a consultant by career, I was also an nonprofit and events director by passion with TEDxMinneapolis, where I found a deep love for ideas, technology, science, innovation, and the future of everything. I fell in love with coaching speakers, designing experiences, and selling out events. I came to Ross to figure out where I want to take my career over the next decade or two, and to make sure that I align my passion for healthcare, people, leadership, designing experiences, and building organizations to that career vision. During my time at Ross I've found a chosen family, a deep community of learning and support, and and a powerful culture of authenticity. Through this experience I've found my truer self, and cannot wait to move to Chicago after graduation to start on my new journey.

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University of Minnesota

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