Douglas Ashby

Douglas Ashby

Class of 2021

Hello! I'm a Texan born and raised, so if you want to talk football, barbecue, sunsets, or miserably hot summers, then I'm here for you all day. My prior work experience was in petrochemical manufacuring (an offshoot of O&G) working as a production engineer, so I can talk about my journey into the business world for others making a career leap as well. Part of my journey was wanting to have a larger impact in my company and in the global realm. I'm a member of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations and hope to find a role in operations management and/or strategy in either the metro Detroit or Minneapolis-St. Paul area. I'd love to dicuss my experience in Tauber to date (spoiler alert-I'm a fan). On a personal level, I'm married (close to 2 years now) with a 9-month old Golden Retriever puppy, so I can also attest what b-school looks like for those with significant others and how dog-friendly Ann Arbor is! I love most sports and played baseball through college, so I definitely appreciate how much fun it is to be a U-M sports fan.

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Baylor University

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