Daniel McKeon

Daniel McKeon

Class of 2022

I was born in northeast Ohio and I am the oldest of five children. One of my favorite parts of being the oldest is guiding my younger siblings and watching them succeed. I studied Engineering and Business at Ohio State and wanted to move into management upon graduation, knowing I would one day go back to school for an MBA. 

I had been working for PepsiCo in Detroit, MI since 2017. While at PepsiCo I have held a variety of roles across the operations side of the business. No matter which functions I worked in, my favorite part was the impact that I could have on the people with whom I worked. I wanted to earn an MBA because I want to become a better leader. After Ross, I began working at DaVita as a Redwoods Resident responsible for managing people and running the business operations of clinics throughout the northeast Ohio area.

I don’t know the exact path to be a great leader, but I know that it is a lifelong process of learning that requires help along the way. I believe it takes a combination of technical ability gained through critical experience and relational charisma nourished and developed through being in the company of other great leaders. The WMBA Program at Ross provided the academic rigor to develop my
technical ability and the network of leaders that fostered a culture of exceptional leadership that I am proud to be a part of.

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Ohio State University

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Industrial & Systems Engineering